A startup nonprofit closing the financial literacy gender gap.


Juno’s mission is to enhance the capability and mobility of women and girls by improving their financial literacy skills, thus growing their confidence when making financial decisions for themselves and their families. Juno educates women and girls about personal financial management issues through academic, networking, and mentoring events.


In the spring of 2017, Juno launched its financial literacy and mentorship program at The New Village Girls Academy in the Rampart District of Los Angeles. Approximately 40% of the charter school’s 120 students are pregnant or parenting. An equal portion are wards of the court or in the foster care system. Gaining critical financial management skills can help these vulnerable students exit poverty and lead lives that are more secure and productive.

Juno’s mentors are professionals from varied industries — finance background NOT needed! They serve as role models and financial coaches to underserved students. Mentors should be passionate about not just financial literacy, but also gender equity and youth empowerment.

Over the course of eight to ten weeks, one-on-one weekly meetings cover saving, budgeting, applying for college financial aid, and more. Mentors should first focus on cultivating relationships, and then modify Juno’s basic curriculum to suit a mentee’s specific needs and interests.

Upon completing the program, students should feel more confident when handling financial matters. Though they may not remember all the content of our program, their exposure to financial literacy — courtesy of Juno’s resources and network — should empower them to continue to learn as they confront issues and decisions along their way to a better future.